My name is Mia and this is my collage. My favorite color is yellow as you can see I tried to show as much yellow as possible to this masterpiece. The dragon is representing how much I love dragons because of  how magical and mysterious they are. In the background it’s meant to represent that I love plants because I respect mother nature and her beautiful creations. In my collage there is also a sunflower picture which i love because in my opinion it describes how much I really love the color yellow and also my favorite flower.

The Dunkin’ Donuts represents me and my friend Ashley because we love Dunkin’ Donuts. Ashley puts a lot of hard work on her photography and should be rewarded with an A+. The Virgo represents my astrology sign and it really tells you what kind of person you are for example I’m a earth sign, a perfectionist, successful, and competitive. The alien is something I also find very interesting because I like anything to do with space and I would really like to know if there is any such thing as aliens or any kind of life more than humans. Just to add a little more information i really love animals and my favorites are cheetah’s because they are such beautiful animals, they are fast, intelligent and strong animals.

One of my favorite reptiles are Snakes because they move so smoothly, and I see them as beautiful and intelligent creatures. The big picture on the up right corner is an album from Tyler the creator. Tyler the creator is a singer that alum is called flower boy and really do like his music alongside with singers like Lana del Rey, Billie Eilish, Asap rocky, Frank ocean and 24kgolden. The yellow Butterfly in the middle I love because of the perspective i believe butterflies have. I believe butterflies have a very easy lifestyle because how gracefully a freely they fly with no worries.

America’s next top photographer Synopsis

Being a photographer means having inspiration in what you capture. But sometimes we need to learn all the different kind of photography. It’s important to make a conversation with your model so they feel comfortable as they model. Photography changes the way you see things and its a quite interesting. photography can be challenging but what people can focus on is on what the meaning behind it is. In order to really enjoy photography you really need to express yourself in your own way just to make it very unique.